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Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by Pete_dorito, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Pete_dorito

    Pete_dorito New Member

    Nothing as yet.....
    Im looking for advice on which security devices (especially chains) that people would recommend.
    Is it worth the additional expense of an 'insurance approved' device? Does such a device offer enough insurance premium discount to be worthwhile?

    Im aware that nothing can stop a determined thief, just wondering if its worth me buying a new device, or just stick with an old magnum chain i already own.
    Scooter will most likely never be left in high risk areas.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Stevep

    Stevep Well-Known Member

    Anything at all as a deterrant is worth it.
    If it does go missing then the insurance can't complain that you didn't do enough to protect it.
    As you've already said, a determined thief.....................
    You've only got to look at the video's on utube to see they don't give a rats ass who's watching.
  3. Jenksy

    Jenksy Member

    Lexmoto Titan
    I use a good old Oxford lock and chain all the time, secured to a wall anchor at home. I would imagine a sledge hammer could smash the shackle (eventually) but its not something you can fit in your pocket! Not amazingly high tech I know but its pretty secure. Or they could just unbolt the wheel I suppose! Any thieves reading this, don't ask where I live please.
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  4. Mark Emerson Trentham

    Mark Emerson Trentham Well Known Member. Staff Member

    NSC110/ ET2/Zip 50.
    A good security feature for any bike owner - is not to tell other's what you've got...;).

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