Piaggio fly wiring is a mess.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Colin Brown, May 18, 2019.

  1. Colin Brown

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    Hi ya. Hope you can help me out with the problem i have. I have a piaggio fly 2014 125. It was taken from my garden by people who cut the chain and lock of with a grinder. I suppose the intention was to steal it and call it theirs. But instead of stealing it all they done was break panels the steering lock and leave the wires in a mess. I have been told by the shop it is not worth fixing but i believe it is if i can do the work myself. I first need to get it started before I sort the panels. They broke the steering lock and left the wires in a mess. I need to buy a steering lock and key kit. But need a diagram of the wires that connect to the back of the box that would get turned by the key. The box is gone but will purchase another. Can anyone help me to figure out where the wires go. There is two thicker wires one is black and red and another is orange in colour with spade connectors. And then there is three thinner wires one orange and white one orange and blue and another is black all with bullet connectors on the end of them. Any information would be great. Thanks for reading. First time I have posted here. Hope I have posted in the right place.

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