Peugeot Kisbee 50cc 4t - No Spark

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Tiger_Lily, Mar 8, 2022.

  1. Tiger_Lily

    Tiger_Lily New Member

    Hi can anyone help, I brought a project scooter, it starts 1st time, every time off the kick start and runs & rides brill but .......... it won't start off the button. I have put a brand new battery on (fully charged before fitting), new spark plug, new starter motor, new HT lead & coil. ECU wiring looked corroded so have stripped, soldered & put heat shrink on to protect from water. I have taken the sparkplug back out and put it on chassis when cranking but no spark. When I press the starter button the scooter makes a high pitched whirring noise but the engine isn't turning over. Any advice on next steps greatly appreciated :)
  2. MARSH

    MARSH Whooooo!

    Piaggio Typhoon
    Starter bendix stuck ? Side stand down ?
  3. Stefan32

    Stefan32 New Member

    The whirring noise is caused because the starter motor pinion has fallen out of position. To put it back into position, take the gearbox cover off and put it back into position. When in position, the starter motor should engage with the crankshaft and turn the engine over

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