NRG Polini torque spring question

Discussion in 'General Tuning' started by yellasei, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. yellasei

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    125 typhoon
    Hi guys, not been on here for a few years but need some advice please.
    I bought a Polini Hi-speed variator kit for my 2007 NRG dt 50 and the instructions for the torque spring are very vague. The original spring has caps either end and the
    Polini kit comes with a cap and a plastic spacer ring, how does this assemble please.
  2. ramo

    ramo GoldMember

    Plastic slider inside (by pulley) and metal washer outside. The reasoning behind the plastic is to reduce friction/wear. Don't think it's usually advised to have harder springs on a 50 though!

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