New shape Runner Vx Forks on old shape

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Mick Harper, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. Mick Harper

    Mick Harper New Member

    Hello everyone im new to the forum i currently have a 2005 gilera runner vx125

    basically my 2 pinch bolts on the forks was snapped by the previous owner i found this out when i went to change a tyre.

    My fork mudguard mounts are snapped anyways so im going to change the full setup as they unbolt from the bottom yoke by 4 bolts just a question? do the new shape runner vx forks fit the old shape runner vx yokes wilst keeping the old shape front wheel also?

    if not what other forks fit

    thanks :)
  2. milo2025

    milo2025 Trip to Trumpton

    Hello Mick, and a very warm welcome to the forum :)

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