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    I just bought a 2017 Prescott 50i, with about 3300 miles on it. Not bad for a Chinese scooter and the price I got it for I suppose. But every time I stop at a light my scooter cuts off and I end up getting beeped at while I’m starting it back up. So I took a screw driver and adjusted the idle on my carb. But now I’ve noticed when I’m going full throttle my RPM needle is buried at 10,000 RPMs. But I believe my speedometer is off so I thought that gauge could very well be off too. It’s doing much better at not cutting off at lights now, though it still did it once on my way home. I don’t even know what’s a safe RPM for full speed on a scooter, this is my first one. I don’t wanna harm it though, any tips or recommendations please???

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    Your idle speed screw wont effect your max RPM.
    I doubt you will break it revving it out at 10k. Chances are like you say its reading wrong.
    Most engine rebuilds I've done are from 2 things.
    Either no oil (or too little oil)
    Engine has been overheated. (Not letting it warm up before thrashing it).
    Is it still restricted to 45kmh?

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