My opinion on low end 70cc cylinder kits.

Discussion in 'Scooter Guides' started by Jonnymarrw00t, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Jonnymarrw00t

    Jonnymarrw00t Moderator Staff Member

    Piaggio Zip 05 plate
    This is just my opinion on the cylinder kits.

    Polini Sport

    I believe this to be one of the best low end sports 70cc kits you can buy, I've personally owned two. Took 2 years of abuse.
    You know how much I ragged my moped. still took the abuse. will work perfectly fine on a standard crank as long as It's low
    Millage. You can run a Leo-vince TT and make around 8.9bhp or with a little bit of modification you can run a Yasuni R and
    put out around 10bhp.

    Malossi sport

    Don't know much about this kit, But it is a high rival to the polini sport. It is known to have slightly better low end
    acceleration than the Polini sport but not as much top end speed. Still would be a very good beginners kit. I'd personally
    run a yasuni r or a Stage 6 Sport Pro.

    Stage 6 street race

    This is the cheapest best quality kit you can find on the market, It will suit your every day needs and be very wheelie
    happy. this is also a very good kit if you don't intend to inform your insurance company due to it having 49cc stamped onto
    the cylinder kit, so the police wont know unelss they rip your engine apart. Most police are too thick to do this and can't
    be assed. This cylinder would work good with the sport pro rep due to it being designed to run on that

    Polini corsa

    This is a very good kit but should not be ran on a standard crank due to 30% more power than the polini sport this is still
    a iron kit so will still be reliable for air cooled engines this will need a better variator etc and would bennifit from a
    bigger carb, You could run a yasuni r/polini team 2 or a stage 6 pro pipe and would quite a nice engine

    Mhr rep

    This is about as good as a two ring cylinder can get, Made from ali so has better heat propertys than Iron kits and will
    give the most power. Only downside is due to it being a Ali kit the piston rings will wear out quicker so you will be
    replacing them every 1500-2000 miles. You will need to run a good quality oil too. This kit would work best with a
    Yasuni r or a c16 if you want to mod it a little bit. This will need a upgraded crank also due to putting out around 13bhp

    I personally would go for the Mhr rep due to always having my engine apart. But it's your personal preference if you want
    something you can ride every day go for the polini sport as that will last 10,000 miles before it needs replace the Mhr rep
    more 6000.
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  2. Creative_josh

    Creative_josh Piaggio zip

    Personally I love your opinion spot on mate :)
  3. UnluckyChris

    UnluckyChris Member

    Well put mate. A good read for anyone thinking about getting a low end kit.

    I found Malossi Sport kit to be pretty decent when I had one. Ran it with just a Gianelli exhaust and Malossi variator, and it went very nice. 10bhp.
  4. CA Zip tuning

    CA Zip tuning Member

    Johnnys porting my kit for me :D
  5. Mr Bizzle

    Mr Bizzle Active Member

    04 Aerox 70 stage 6
    Nice, I think it's worth mentioning the wider powerband on the stage 6 streetrace
  6. Jonnymarrw00t

    Jonnymarrw00t Moderator Staff Member

    Piaggio Zip 05 plate
    It's just my opinion on the cylinder. Can always write yours.
  7. Chubz

    Chubz Well-Known Member

    70cc Aerox 04'
    Polini Sport it shall be then.

    Can it run well on different exhausts though? either Leo Vince RR or a Stage6 Pro/rep ?

    Good bit of info to be fair, for all the people looking to get a 70 kit
  8. Jonnymarrw00t

    Jonnymarrw00t Moderator Staff Member

    Piaggio Zip 05 plate
    yeah I only wrote those exhausts due to they are what i have run.
  9. ramon777

    ramon777 The newkid on the block

    MBK Rocket
    Might have some nice cilinders to for the list.
    A Top Performance due+
    The fastest ironcast cilinder on the market.
    Its more a midrange cilinder, true that, but with lowrange exhausts an parts is still runs really nice.

    A Dr70 is a nice cilinder to.
    Not to expensive, and good quality.
    For the tuners under us,
    Make the exhaustport 30/33mm wide, and make the exhaust port about 1 or max 2mm higher ( for more rpm's )
    And u have what we call here in holland a DR70RPM.
    Unlucky the company who made them quit with it.

    But its a nice cilinder then, got a few years ago 12.3hp on a dyno with a dr70 tuned like that.

    Or if u want a top performance due+ but don't have enough money.
    Buy a dr70, make the exhaust port 33mm wide and make it 2mm higher, if u have a milling machine ( hope i use the right word ) or know someone who has one, toke 2mm of the top of the cilinder, and place 2mm on gaskets and u have your own top performance due +

    Polini sport is a nice cilinder, but on my opinion its the same with a polini sport, just wayyy to overpriced.
    A dr70 has a "faster" (so far you can call it faster) timing then a malossi sport.

    Nice cilinders but just to overpriced for what u get.

    Hope u boys get something on my experience.
  10. Jonnymarrw00t

    Jonnymarrw00t Moderator Staff Member

    Piaggio Zip 05 plate
    only reason I didn't mention them, is people generally don't seem to run them, (well people in the uk i know anyway), so couldn't really give my opinion on them, howerver I do agree with you they're stupidly exspensive to buy, for what they are.
  11. ramon777

    ramon777 The newkid on the block

    MBK Rocket
    Most people don't know how to tune your own cilinder till this niveau or don't have the right tools for it.
    Sad to hear, in my opinion one of the best ironcast cilinders.
    soon still tuningup the engine with a due+ Trying to get over 15HP on the dyno.

    Those cilinders have a lot of power and potential.
    they are expensive, but you get what u pay for.

    is the part DR aviable in the uk?
    One of the best cilinders and even preform better than a polini or malossi sport.
    but then way cheaper.
  12. turbovetto

    turbovetto Well-Known Member

    tweaked ovetto
    Great guide. The Stage 6 70 cc kits are great. The Street race is good and the Sport Pro is blinding with a Yas R or better yet, a C16. But be warned. The pistons tend to lose their gudgeon pins (the pin which keeps the ring facing the right way) and then it's all over. Never had this issue with an Asso Piston (standard in Top Perf and Metrakit kits). I got a reduction on my next pucrchase with Maxiscoot after photographic evidence. This indicates to me that they know about the problem. Especially when using a propper ignition. I think the 'bang' just shakes them out.....
    Go with Malossi or Top Perf if you want my opinion........
  13. King_L

    King_L New Member

    What would be the best kit to run with my leo vince zx pipe thats already on the bike?
  14. markymark2

    markymark2 New Member

    I have used polini sport 70 kit , it`s pretty solid , good low end grunt but also recommend airsal 70 cc sport kit it`s around same money as polini BUT all aluminium , just about to fit my second one ( different scoots ) nicely made kits .
  15. ENVYUS

    ENVYUS Member

    Currently using 2 and half month old Stage6 Sport, its a beast...I'm wanting reliability, with performance so ain't bothering with the high end kits.

    That thing you mentioned about the gudgeon pin...does this still happen as this thread is old as f*ck and most kits have been changed and altered since then?.

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  16. Bigjimknickers

    Bigjimknickers Member

    Do I find an aluminium airsal 70cc (not much running in needed? Is that correct?)
    A cast iron Polini, easier to find, in stock most places. But do they need 500 miles running in like old kits?
    It’s for a 50cc SR50R
  17. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    Use heat cycling to run in your kit, and always let it warm up.
    The most important thing is letting it warm up. If you just get on it and blast down the road at 7krpm from cold, it's going to last a week.
    Let it warm up, slow revs to start for a minute or two. Use good oil, jet it right, and it will last bloody ages.
    I have an airsil on my tomos, it's had so much abuse, hardcore winter riding, burnouts, wheelies, going through deep water, but it's still got the same compression as new.
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  18. Bigjimknickers

    Bigjimknickers Member

    I've found ONE Airsal 70cc kit so far in the UK, the rest all claim to sell them but are out of stock- its savesd & hopefully will still be there bonus time!
  19. Bigjimknickers

    Bigjimknickers Member

    Found a Polini kit for £122!
    To throw a spanner in the work I’ve also been told these are very good:
    Decisions decisions!
    What do you guys think?
  20. Bigjimknickers

    Bigjimknickers Member

    its a long shot as I know you posted this a few years ago, but- how did it go? would you still recommend the Airsal?

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