My gilera runner vx125/200

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    New hear guys had my bike from December 2017.

    Been bit of a crap start with it I payed £450 for it needed new swingarm rear shocks front mudgard seat and a couple other little bits and bobs.

    Then bout 5 weeks in of owning the bike the belt snapped then bout 7 weeks in engine went on it at 40k..

    So was a trip to London to meet a lad who splits runners called Adam for a 64 reg engine for the bike payed £100 for it with only 4500k on clock got it all in to find out I needed to change the rear calliper because it was a 200 engine...

    Ones in the bike started to flood its self so a gd chap from work called Steve who is on her but not sure of name told me to change the tap so I did and it stopped it so hats off to him ( Steve now dose the work on my bike cuz his a bike god might I add Steve give me the tap )

    So ya that was the bad side of it lol

    Now I’m down to doing a cup little mods to it I swapped my oem exhaust for a really badly dented 4 road then found my self a new 4 road on line for £40 then sold my old one to a pal for £50 so still didn’t cost me a thing for my pipe ...

    Iv put the st125 exhaust bracket on the bike so I can run the st rear wheel hugger as I love the look of them on the old shape iv also still got to fit a undertray to make the back end look so much better and then Steve is going to be spraying the bike for me... so ya so fare that’s it part from me getting conti twists and sum stickers for wheels that’s bout it lol

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  2. Stevep

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    Dont forget to bring it round during the shutdown for your fork seals and electrickery jobbies;)
    Be an early start and a long day I reckon...............................but I'll provide the tea and bacon sarnies:D
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    MRTHACKER87 New Member


    The legend him self and I’ll b there mate
  4. Kaaaz

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    Hows this project going boys? Nice to see some birmingham riders on here but i'm yet to spot this runner hooning about. Thinking about a zip 70 soon enough, Wanting the seat storage over the 125 supermoto so it may be viable, But i'm also thinking about going for a 172.

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