Moped starter gear problems

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Exabyte, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Exabyte

    Exabyte New Member

    Hi guys, recently got a new ped, its a 2009 speedfight 2 and i have been upgrading and fixing problems.

    Chat aside i got to the fan pully starter gear (the one outermost on the variator system) and it was ruined. Bent broken fans etc. No biggie.
    New one a couple quid however this new one grinds on the top of my transmission cover and recently causesd so much friction on a test ride it melted my rollers etc. I tried going back to the old one and it seems to grind a bit still. What am i doing wrong?! Im using the same bolts to put the case back on etc and still no resolution. Waiting on a whole new variator and will try get her to run. (Didnt start and im worried this may be when i took the head off angrily and forgot it was water cooled and water got inside, it had about a week to dry.)

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