MKII High end aerox. ANY IDEAS?

Discussion in 'Scooter Projects' started by Meeks, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Meeks

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    Any ideas what els I could do to my setup?

    Yamaha Aerox
    The SET UP:

    Stage 6 Mk2 70cc raging 0.6 squish & a few mm advanced on stator plate(portmatched)

    Jasil extreme crank

    Stage 6 c4 metal cage bearings & seals

    Pwk stage 6 28mm carb

    Stage 6 viton reed block carbon fibre

    Motorforce 28mm racing air box

    RMS High flow Manuel fuel tap

    Diaphram fuel pump

    Polini boost bottle

    Motorforce racing Coil 32k volts

    Stage 6 oversize rt transmition pulleys

    Jasil 13/43 primary gear kit

    Jasil 14/41 secondary gear kit

    Bosch 12v water pump

    ^^that is just the relevant engine stuff, I have most of the little extra styling bits.

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