Mbk Rocket Poilini Sport 70cc

Discussion in 'Videos' started by bikerbeynard, Apr 2, 2015.

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    gpr 125 ,mbk rocket,
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    The good old MBK Rocket from the year 1998.

    I still remember your Rocket project post 3-4 years ago, and i still got mine, il repost my pic for good old times :p

    Pic is 3 years old, but i still got mine ! She runs but not good as it once was, i don't wanna go higher then 70km/h ( otherwise cops will confiscate it and wreck it ), she does 70km/h atm but acceleration is way to slow, im thinking of a Leo ZX exhaust ? They are rusty fast ive heard, but should give good acceleration and not going to fast.

    Anyway this pic from 2012 actually a repost, now shes 17+ years old still going, 8 more years to go and thats what they call an oldtimer here in Belgium ^^


    And also a rocket i would like to show but not mine =

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