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Discussion in 'Maxiscooter Tuning' started by Trevor Havoc, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Trevor Havoc

    Trevor Havoc New Member

    Hi ya

    Just hoping somebody can point me in the right direction to get my bike Tuned.

    And change Variator and exhaust.

  2. Tamiyacowboy

    Tamiyacowboy Pippa's Owner

    Piaggio Skipper
    Only thing you could do with the exhaust is add something that gives a better sound . the big maxi scooters like the 600i they will not be restricted as our small 50cc/125cc are in the exhaust department.

    Pollini Variator and i think it was 15g rollers pushed the maxsym upto a very close 190km/h ( 115-120mph)

    there are the malossi and polini variators that fit the 600i , tuning wise thats where you get the pep lowdown or the slightly higher topspeed by tuning the roller weights inside the variator . im unsure where you can find the variators most of the stores us guys use only deal with the smaller 50 -300cc scoots , your wanting a shop that caters for the maxi range of scoots to.

    and let me say Welcome to the scooter shack Trevor

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