Kymco r16 Gear up kit help

Discussion in 'Scooter Tuning' started by Scootboy87, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Scootboy87

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    Hey all, I purchased a gear up kit namely "
    primary transmission gear up kit Top Racing +17% 18/50 for Kymco, China 50 4-stroke" from top racing jasil, but it did not fit, I have a agility 16+ 50cc, but it's slightly confusing because some websites label it different nsmes, anyhow.

    Malossi do this kit

    I was wondering is someone knows if it will fit, below are pictures of my current gearing system , thanks.

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  2. MARSH

    MARSH Whooooo!

    Piaggio Typhoon
    Don't waste money on anything, your Kymco will never be fast, just derestrict it and buy bigger when you can, this may sound bad advice but it is true ! You need more power to pull a gear kit, more cc's would help with std gearing.
  3. Scootboy87

    Scootboy87 New Member


    Too late my slow ass kymco already has

    52.40mm Bore and Head
    A9 Camshaft
    Racing crankshaft
    Irridium plug
    Racing high output coil
    Racing CDI
    24mm carb 102# main jet
    24mm smooth intake manifold
    Jetflow manifold spacer
    Unrestricted modded airbox
    Silent pro exhaust
    Malossi multivar
    7g Dr pulleys
    Shortened boss
    Fly clutch and bell
    Torque control
    Torque driver upgrade
    1500 spring
    Kevlar belt
    17% Primary gear increase
    New hoses and breathers
    Fast flow filters
    Harder rear shock
    Custom vented rear brake shoes
    Upgraded kick start
    All new gaskets and seals
    Castrol power rs 4t oil 10/40w
    80/90 Malossi sport gear oil

    Marsh, I do not want a bigger bike bro, it has to be this one because it' has a special color number plate that enables me to ride on bike paths, only 4 stroke 50cc limited to 25kmh are allowed this designation, so it has to be this bike I'm afraid, anyhow I wouldn't call it "slow",....unless I was comparing it to my R1
  4. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    Oh are you in holland?
    Whats a vented brake shoe? Sounds like a pointless thing to me...
    I cant help you with the gear kit, only way is to buy one and see if it fits...
  5. Scootboy87

    Scootboy87 New Member

    Yep Holland, the shoe has small holes drilled through it because a 50cc scooter needs temperature control on its pads haha, yeh I know the easy way to check is to buy it and see if it fits, but I already wasted time and money and effort opening up the gear case to fit the newgears j brought that don't fit.
  6. Agility R16 50i

    Agility R16 50i New Member

    Can you please share the end result? How is your top speed now? Did you found gear up kit for the kymco that fits?

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