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    First off,
    I've been lurking on this forum since i was 16. So i've been here for 2 years.
    I've previously had BT49QT-9, WR125X, YBR125 and a Pulse Adrenaline, Meaning this is my first 2t.
    I know this forum is kind of dieing down now, So i'm just going to post here for any other lurkers.

    Base: Piaggio NRG Purejet Power DD LC 50
    Setup when bought:
    - Ebay 70's kit?
    - Pedmoto Series 1 Exhaust
    - Stage 6 Clutch Spring

    Setup Wanted:
    - Polini SPORT 70
    - PM360 Exhaust
    - Malossi Rollers 5.5g (5g is too light 6g is too heavy)
    - Malossi Multivar?
    - Resprayed Panels
    - Tinted Headlights
    - New Sidelights
    - New Headlights
    - Tail Delete
    - Bar Conversion

    Photos to be posted, Currently got the following in the post:
    - PM360 Exhaust
    - Bar Conversion Kit.

    Photo's will be posted later when i've got time!
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