Honda SH125i phone mount

Discussion in 'Comments / Feedback / Suggestions' started by Stevie Mac, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Stevie Mac

    Stevie Mac New Member

    I see there's a lot of options out in the market for phone mounting on all types of motorcycle and scooter.

    I haven't come across one suited to my Honda.

    The handlebars are not exposed so the traditional bar mount isn't really an option.

    I've seen some mirror mounted ones but these seem a bit risky for positioning.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that they have tried or seen elsewhere?


  2. milo2025

    milo2025 Trip to Trumpton

    I use A givi holder from Sportsbikeshop on my Matrix. The universal ones tend to fit most but not all bikes. Quad Lock UK do some good ones too.

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