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    Hi, and thanks in advance.

    I have a Honda SH125 Mode (64 plate / 2014-2015) which has a flat battery and won't start. The battery is flat as I have been working away for 6 weeks. I have a charger but can't find / access the battery.

    Everything I find online doesn't seem to match my bike, including the manual that came with it. In the manual Honda show removing the battery lid on the floor. But there is no battery lid to remove! (See attached manual and bike photos).

    20230926_095143912_iOS conv.jpeg

    20230926_095041928_iOS conv.jpeg

    The floor on my bike is all one piece, there are no screws or clips.

    Everything I find online shows screws on the bike floor which mine doesn't have. I have been able to remove the panels under the seat where newer versions of this bike have their battery, but on mine it's only the fuel tank (see last photo).

    I have some clips on the underside of the floor however, I'm worried about breaking the panels in front and behind the floor as it looks like they all sit on top of the floor panel (see photos). And if they will even release the floor as they may attach to another piece of panelling (they don't seem long enough to reach the floor).

    I'm I going to have to remove most of the panelling on this thing to access the battery, or am I way off here and the battery isn't even under the floor?

    20230926_095153376_iOS conv.jpeg

    20230926_095202538_iOS conv.jpeg

    20230926_095127204_iOS conv.jpeg

    This is another manual which doesn't match my bike:

    This is incredibly frustrating! Just to access a battery!
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    Typically, 10 minutes after posting this I found the answer! So, despite my bike having Honda SH125 Mode decals on it, plus the SH125 Mode manual AND the dealership paperwork stating it’s an SH125 Mode! My bike is actually a Honda ANC125-e, I guess this is a variation of Honda SH Mode, MAYBE! Either way, very annoying and completely ridiculous from Honda.

    The battery on these models is behind the front panel underneath the headlight, which is why it didn’t match any of the 4 different Honda SH125 Mode manuals online.
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    It's a conspiracy;)

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