Hey all. New here and need help

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself...' started by Ross Barton, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. Ross Barton

    Ross Barton New Member

    Bought a gilera dna 125 4t as a spears and repair..
    Well iv managed to get it running but that's about it. If I give it any throttle it wants to cut out. Iv checked all the vac lines and fuel flow.
    Iv also cleaned the carb several times and checked the airbox. Iv ran out of ideas as to what could be causing this. Starts 1st time without fail... Just won't accelerate.
    I can't find much info on the carb and Im not too shor if this carb needs a vac line for it to run right..it's a welbro carb
    Any help will be much appreciated
  2. rossm

    rossm Member

    Sounds like the valve clearances, well known for going out of spec quite quickly on the LEADER engine that you have in there, had the identical issues with my Runner 200
  3. Stevep

    Stevep Well-Known Member

    Main jet should be standard 108 in that carb, it doesn't like to rev without the airbox on but you can encourage it with your hand over the back.
    The air mix screw is just above the float bowl, 2 1/2 turns out from fully home.
    Yes it has a vac line. It goes the the fuel pump on the bottom of the tank.
    You could try putting a direct gravity feed fuel supply to the carb and start it that way, see if it revs cleanly, then you'll know if it is a fuel supply issue or not.
    Also check the compression. I have known them start and idle but not rev properly because of low compression issues.

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