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    fellow scooter fans, I'm having issues with my vivacity 50, she's an old girl an d bought as bit of a project to keep my busy, but I'm having a frustrating problem that i cant seem to fix..

    the issue I'm having is with the overflow from the carb, feel comes flying out of the overflow, i've taken the entire carb apart cleaned it, put it back together, same problem, i've tested the float, that has no issues is not ruptured or anything, checked the seating of where the fuel flows in thats all clean. while its apart i can blow into the fuel inlet move the float and it will stop the flow..that to me says there must be some way to adjust it to make sure the fuel stops when the float in the chamber is..well.. floating.

    but it's pickling my brain, can someone please make sense of this and point me in the right direction ?

    many thanks


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