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    Hi & welcome to Scooter Shack a friendly community of scooter enthusiasts & like minded people.

    Before posting please take into account these rules, if they are broken your account may be suspended and/or removed.

    Text Speak - Is NOT to be used, i.e "How R U M8?" please take the time & effort to word your postings correctly.

    Nudity & Pornographic material - Is not to be shown on the board, as this is a scooter community there is no need & we're sure that if youmanaged to get here online, you can manage to find your own material.

    Double Posting - We do take into account that lag can be the cause of this, but if it does happen then please delete or edit one of your posts.

    Relevant topic titles - You must title your topics to be relevant to the content. "help" "my bike is broken" etc etc are NOT what you should do.

    Spam - Of any kind will not be tolerated.

    Fighting & Flaming - Take it outside, simple as that! We're sure you have MSN or some other chat client - it's not wanted here.

    Racism - Will not be tolerated.

    Signatures & Avatars - All signitures should be a max of 600x130 and all Avatars should be a max of 115x115. If your sig/avatar is larger than these sizes then they/it will be removed without warning.

    Illegal Download Links - There is no need for them as this is a Scooter forum. It's also against the law and our hosts rules. You don't want us getting shut down now do you!

    Bad Advice - If you don't know what your talking about then don't try to give advice. It makes it harder for people who do know what they are on about to get their advice through to the person that needs it. Plenty of other forums have gone bad due to this very subject. Any posts deemed to be misleading when it comes to someone asking for help will be removed.

    Conditions of Use - By using the Scooter Shack forum and webste you are agreeing to the Conditions of Use.

    Staying on topic - Please keep on topic. Any posts which are deemed off topic may be removed.

    Use the search - Please the search feature before making a new topic.

    No adverts - Anything deemed to be an advert by the admin/mod team will be removed unless you have been given permission. Please email admin@scootershack.co.uk if you would like to place an advert.

    No for sale or wanted topics outside of the right sections - Our for sale and wanted sections are only for long term members to stop people signing up just to buy and sell. This means that you are not allowed to post topics in other areas to try and get around this. Any you do post will be removed and you may be banned for repeated abuse.

    Enjoy your stay at Scooter Shack.
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