Hello all, glad to be here. My first Piaggio

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself...' started by Kevin Baugh, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Kevin Baugh

    Kevin Baugh New Member

    Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. Im an avid motorcycle rider of about 25 years and have found myself highly addicted to scooters for the past 6 years. Theyre just so useful and easy to deal with when in the confines of a congested city, a blast to zip around on, and so enjoyable to tinker with make these little things peppy. I have my first Piaggio (97 Typhoon 50) with the TECH1M engine. I also have a 2014 Genuine Roughhouse 50 with Malossi iron 70 kit, 19mm Delorto, Gianelli Shot V1, NCY golden pulley vario, Polini 3G for race clutch, and Polini Evo bell. I also have a few other random scoots. Anyway, just an introduction. Ill be posting my current Typhoon build on an appropriate thread and i would love your experienced recommendations. Thank you all

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