Have I made a decent decision?

Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by Leon1976, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Leon1976

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    I've had a Lexmoto echo 50cc and a Nipponia Miro 125.

    Both used. Miro had 13k on it, the Lexmoto I don't even want to talk about. Too many problems. Both needed fixing and having problems / new parts, major fixes every few months.

    I've decided to get the Honda 125cc SH mode. 2016 model with 5200 miles. £1700.

    I was told my previous scooters kept having problems as they are Chinese. Tbh you cna feel the quality when you sit on the Honda but are the engines etc that better? All mechanics say they are.

    One friend said get a 300cc as I often ride a 15 mile stretch of the A331 at about 50mph there and back so 30 miles trip few times a week. He reckons I am pushing the 125's too hard which is why the parts and exhausts and engines keep going.

    But the test is £600 and I don't have the time as I needed something next week anyway.

    The dealer said 'you don't need a 300cc, it's a Honda, even though it's a 125cc and you use it 30 miles at 50-60mph it won't keep having problems like Chinese scooters, they last for donkey's years and you can do that ride daily on it.

    I'm hoping he's right. Look forward to anybody's feedback.

    Kind regards. Leon
  2. MARSH

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    Piaggio Typhoon
    The Honda is far better than the Chinese, just don't thrash it flat out on the A road mile after mile. Vary your speed when nessasary and change engine oil regular.
  3. Leon1976

    Leon1976 New Member

    I have had the SH Mode 125 for 3 days now. Compared to my Nipponia it is lovely in the feel of the build (Nipponia build wasn't bad actually, just Honda feels a step up.) Also the power is so much quieter and smooth! So silky smooth! From 0 to 50mph it just glides so quietly and effortlessly.

    I tested and it does go to 65mp, it gets to 50 easily then pretty easy to 60 and then slowly, slowly to 65. I only did this fora minute just to see so i could know that 50mph (the Nipponia's top speed) wasn't a struggle.

    But I'm looking after this one and will only ride up to 50mp most of the time even on A roads so i'm only ever taking it to 75-80 % of capacity and will never be thrashing it or red lining it.

    Going to keep this one a long time and look after him well. Gonna get a screwdriver set, socket set, oil, coolant, brake fluid and spare spark plug. (If anyone thinks of anything else I could ad let me know.)

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