Gilera runner exhaust fitting and removing

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by iceyboi, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. iceyboi

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    Its always been impossible to tighten up the manifold wiv the 13mm nut on my exhaust manifolf from the left side of the bike coz there is hardly no space and the "engine mount silet block thingy" is in the way...has anyone found an easy way of doing this without having to remove the engine ? coz the right side is dead easy to do coz the socket can just fit rit up in ther but the left side is annoying :banghead:
  2. MiNoR cOnFuSiOn

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    et2 monster
    first problem a runner owner soon figures out.

    use a rachet spanner from the left side of the bike (remove the cradle spring) cutting the stud back to just over the length it needs is a usual mod... OR buy a decent pipe wiht a stub and leave the stub attached, you shoulkd NEVER have to do this... if like me you like stock pipes then find yourself a NICE slim rachet spanner (the more you spend, the slimmer the sides usually are) and it will go on there nice. cheap ones wont work, take the exhaust manifold wiht a bolt and nut tight in one hole to a tool shop and start trying rachet spanners. you DO need one tool in your toolbox SPECIFICLY for this job... i have a few diff spanners ive cut up/cut the ends off/shaved down over the years to get over this FUCKING ANNOYING peice of design.
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    What a ball ache!
    Fitted a simonini on Saturday to my FXR 180, took me best part of the morning because of this crazy design!!

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