Gilera runner 200 Misfire

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by single0speed, Jun 28, 2022.

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    I picked up a not going Gilera runner 200 2008 about 3 months ago as a project bike. (4 stoke 4 valve, 200cc , watercooled 17,000kms)

    Had a stuffed cdi or so they told me.

    Replaced the CDI (The 100$ one that requires no chip key to start), cleaned the bike up, new seat cover, Fuel lines, new battery and spark plug.

    Bike runs fine at idle and wide open throttle, but most of in-between it runs like trash. I cleaned the carby, tried a replacement carby off a mates runner 200 that runs good.

    Still misfires

    Replaced coil and lead, plug end, still misfires the same.

    Jetted the carby, still the same, revs up better with a 42 on the pilot jet. have settled with a 42-110 combo for now.

    Replaced the pickup coil and stator as they were out of spec on the multi meter.

    Also checked the valve clearance, and it was within spec.

    New filter still the same.... I am running out of ideas why it would misfire constantly at 3000-6000 light load. Wide open heaps of power, even gets the front wheel off the ground on my driveway.

    I even drained the water to make sure water was not getting into the cylinder causing this problem. (Just for a 90sec start up and test)

    I'm thinking of buying another CDI as I think it could be the only possible thing. Unless anyone on here has some ideas.

    Thanks heaps

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