E5 and E10 fuel destroying Yamaha aerox

Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by Suzukistreetmagic1, Jul 20, 2021.

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    Afternoon guys so who’s going throw or who’s had the aerox over heat due to this e5 e10 fuel BS and how or is there a work around it and which oil is best to premix with it or not
    Of course the oil pumps are removed on 70cc mods
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    NSC110/ ET2.
    Personally wouldn't touch E10 - 'biofuel' nonsense/less energy efficient & could cause gremlins for carbureted vehicles esp. older models.
    No more petrol vehicles after 2030 (ATM.;).,still be able to buy used - but looks like gov.will try & phase out capacity to fuel them.
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  3. Suzukistreetmagic1

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    Hey thanks for reply so I’m
    Best off running high or super unleaded fuel in my tunes aerox just rebuilding crank and new cylinder

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