cyclist road rage

Discussion in 'Videos' started by scubabiker, Jan 18, 2015.

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    Someone should do the same to you then. Removing you from the gene pool should be a priority for the UN. Do you feel the need to murder idiotic pedestrians who cross on red lights too? Do you feel that same rage when you stare at your self in the mirror? Easy to feel big inside your steel box.

    Not going to go into it huh? Well you sure tried and pathetically so. I could go on about you and computers seeing as how I used to teach fuckwits like you how to use them. Iv only owned a scooter for about 6 months how could I instinctively know how to remove tabs on the inside and remove hidden screws without some experience in that area. Grow up and take a good long look at yourself because I see a sad pathetic little man with alot of anger issues.
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    ladies ladies put ya handbags away
    the cyclist was a dick the van driver was a dick end of
    jesus Christ u both claim to be clever adults yet ur both acting like silly little boys with small dick syndrome

    both people made a mistake there in the video the cyclist shouldn't of gone up inside of van and van shouldn't of ran cyclist over cyclist shouldn't of verbally attacked van driver and van driver shouldn't of physically attacked cyclist both people in wrong

    now pair of ya bloody grow up
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    As long as you realise everyone else is out to hang/dry and quarter you on the road,
    ACT ACCORDINGLEY.!!!!.;).mk.

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