Clocked moped! HELP!

Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by Vilius, Jun 17, 2020.

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    Hello, I just got a new moped a month ago and it was 5800 miles on the clock, the bike is Piaggio NRG 2006. I did 100 miles on since I bought it and I checked moped history online and it’s been clocked twice, first time clocked from 28k miles to 1k miles, then year after it’s been clocked from 19k miles to 5k miles and it’s been on the same miles for 4 years since then, just did like 10 miles a year. Now I don’t know if the previous owner did clocked it or not and how long he had it for, although all MOT’s has been passed, now should I tell the guy to get my money back or I will go to police or something because I don’t want this moped anymore, or maybe these miles has been declared or something, not sure what I could do at this moment as I can’t sell it, pls giveme some advice or give me more questions.
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    Piaggio Typhoon
    Has it been recorded as miles or kilometers ? Has the speedo been replaced due to a fault ? I've changed the speedo on my typhoon at 57,000 kms, it's now showing 10,000 ! The piaggio speedos are renowned for rotting away on the printed circuit board. I've owned my typhoon from new and recorded all things that I've done to it over the years.

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