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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Buzz, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Buzz

    Buzz Active Member

    Hi I know that asking this question on a scooter forum may be foolish and I’ll get one sided answers but here goes: I previously rode scooters up to 125cc. I then moved to bikes and have owned a variety of styles and sizes, currently riding a Honda deauville 650. The bikes old and tired so I’ll be looking to change to another sports tourer style or cruiser. I am debating a change to a maxi scooter?!
    I commute daily, all weathers and regularly use motorways so acceleration and speed are important, I need to cruise at 70-80 mph without straining the engine.
    I need comfort on longer rides and importantly I need to be able to filter nimbly and swing and twist round traffic. I manage on my deauville.
    Which maxi scooter could I consider, are scooters as nimble when filtering and are the smaller wheels an issue?
    Has anyone made the change before and what’s your comparison between scooter and bike in the mid to larger engine range?
  2. gilburton

    gilburton Active Member

    Can't comment on high speed commuting and filtering as I don't do that round here but as the former owner of a Deauville and now a Transalp and also a 400 Burgman I must say that the Burgman is great for a relaxed ride and will easily nudge 80 and is comfortable around 70.
    Maxi scooter wheels are not much smaller than sports bikes. Anything 300- 500cc upwards should be fine.
    The only thing I would say about the larger scooters is that some can be a bit bulky so you will have to work out what might be best for you.
    Good thing about the scooters is that you can get a leg apron etc. for the colder days .
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  3. Omega

    Omega New Member

    When I was considering buying a scooter, I was also thinking about Deauville because I got sick and tires servicing chain on CB500. I chose scooter because it was considerably cheaper than Deauville. Also, size and weight of Deauville was psychologically uncomfortable - I felt it was too big, particularly for filtering in traffic

    I own Honda Forza 300, the engine is 279. I am a business consultant and travel to client sites all over the UK, so travelling 150-360 miles in a day is quite ordinary for me. And extra storage capacity is really useful

    I have made some modifications to the scooter:

    1. Added Givi Trekker 52N Top Case - putting my bag is easier
    2. Added Givi Air Flow wind screen - I bought with tall Honda screen, but then found it still too noisy when riding 70 mph on motorways for hours. Note that new Forza is coming out this Autumn, it will have adjustable wind screen too (I think it is electric, really cool)
    3. Added a point for heated gear
    4. Added muffs
    I used to have Tucano Urbano apron, but one seam tore after 4 months of use, the apron disintegrated on my 70 miles trip and Tucano refused repairing it under warranty. It did not keep me warm in winter on motorways- top of the legs was warm, but sides freezing. And it always go on my way when I start riding. So, I won’t buy apron again, and avoid Tucano Urbano when I can

    On a negative side - my Honda is going through warranty repairs now after 2 years from new and 25k miles. The mechanic shop showed me invoice they already sent to Honda, it was to replace the bearing on the rear wheel, it was about £1.6k. Scooter has small oil leak, mechanic suspects it is from the engine area, minimum cost is £400, but may need new engine. Taking into consideration the mileage, the costs of warranty repairs is equal to the value of the scooter. I am surprised that my Honda needs so much work so soon
  4. gilburton

    gilburton Active Member

    The Honda uses a DCT transmission which is a double clutch with automatic gear changes. It can be totally automatic or manual via buttons on the handlebar. It has a chain final drive BUT it is covered so extends chain life greatly as the chain stays clean.
    Plenty of large scooters these days 650 upwards lol
  5. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    If I was buying a new bike it would be one of those xadv things, such a stupid fun scooter.
    Ive got like 10 bikes now I think....
    If I lived in the uk I would buy a scoot if I was in your shoes. Silverwings are damn well built
  6. gilburton

    gilburton Active Member

    Any updates??
  7. Buzz

    Buzz Active Member

    Hi, thanks for the various opinions. I actually found a Suzuki gn250 bike in perfect order for a steal, stripped it down and did a brat bike makeover. I enjoy projects so ill stick with bikes for now as I find I can make more changes than scooters. In saying that I'm looking at burgmans for the new year as I do like the comfort of the bigger scooters and ill do some rebuilds and tinker with bikes as well. That xadv looks awesome though, out of my budget sadly.

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