Aerox guide: removing engine from frame

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    It is usually easiest to work with the engine if you remove the engine from the frame.
    Many shy away from this but it is very easy to do.
    In the guide, I have removed the back fairing too but it's not necessary.

    Forgive my bad English :(
    I'm from Sweden..

    Checkout the youtubeclip at the end It is in Swedish, but can probably help anyway

    Pic 01
    Secure the scoot with a strap on the ceiling
    Pic 02
    Remove the shock absorber
    Pic 03
    Remove the brake caliper
    Pic 04
    Loosen also the brake hose from the clutch housing
    Pic 05
    Remove the air filter from engine block
    Pic 06
    Remove the saddle
    Pic 07
    Remove the intake manifold from the block
    Pic 08
    Place a cloth in the block
    Pic 09
    Radiatorhose from the waterpump loosened
    Pic 10
    Remember that antifreeze is toxic, use a container
    Pic 11
    Radiatorhose to the cylinder removed
    Pic 12
    Turns off the oil hose with a special pliers
    Pic 13
    Then you can loosen the oil hose without worry
    Pic 14
    Disconnect the cable to the startermotor
    Pic 15
    Disconnect the cables to the ignition
    Pic 16
    Disconnect spark plug wire
    Pic 17
    Loosen the nut on engine mount
    Pic 18
    Clamping a strap in the frame and engine
    (not necessary if you have a centerstand)
    The strap ensures that the engine does not fall to the floor when the bolt is pulled out
    Pic 20
    I knock out the bolt using a pin
    Pic 21
    The engine is held up by strap
    Pic 22
    I lower the motor by gently relax the strap
    Pic 23
    Pull the motor straight back
    Pic 24
    Now the fun begins :)


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