55mm crank, LC ignition and poor running bcz of retarded ignition? Need some advice:)

Discussion in 'Maxiscooter Tuning' started by jusspb, May 12, 2018.

  1. jusspb

    jusspb New Member

    So after hours in garage and also google. I figured out that after installing LC ignition with a curves of 9d and 22d instead of fixed 19d on 183cc ped. Ped starts bad, has Okey idle, but is really retarded and does not go pass idle, boggs, misfires, plug is wet and fooled.
    Has anyone else had any trouble after fitting a 55mm crank and LC ignition?
    Ignition works great on 180cc LC engine when tried swapping so thats working.
    Also my ped works great on AC ignition
    What have you done and can you give some ideas?
    Though it's 1:1 swap and gives great results..
    Thank you for the ideas already!=)
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  2. Buzzbug

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    That's what Im running on our race kart engine,but you need to use ,rotor ,stator and CDI box off the LC motor .we get good power and use a 35mm TMX Mikuni and RD350 reed block.

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