50cc - is it running right?

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Daniel Be, Nov 18, 2023.

  1. Daniel Be

    Daniel Be New Member

    Hi all, so am looking for some general advice please.... Feel free to point me in the appropriate direction...

    I ride a big bike ...and have a 15yr old memory of an old Suzuki 50cc 2 stroke...

    Just got a really sweet little 2022 euro 5 Lexmoto Echo 50cc. 1600miles.

    Starts on the button, no problem.

    When riding...

    It needs almost full revs to get going...and even then it may slow right down (physical speed)... And likewise if you quickly give it full throttle it seems really slow to pick up speed. Also pulling away you need to twist throttle slowly....

    It almost feels like the "clutch is slipping" as there seems to be revs but no drive....or too much drive and so it almost stalls....

    On the straight it does slowly pick up speed to 25mph....and could maybe, given long enough go a tiny bit faster. I am not expecting much but hoped I may get to 30?

    Is this simply the foibles of a cheap, Chinese, 50cc moped trying to move my 16 stone?

    Or is there anything I can check?

    Have just done oil change and spark plug.

    Belt looked ok.... everything seems clean and tidy....barely used.

    The old spark plug was slightly fouled - bit of oil on the electrode.

    Engine light came on when warm...I am hoping this has been sorted by an oil change/top up....or what else could I check!?

    Or am I simply expecting too much from a tiny bike compared to what I am used to?

    Many thanks for any help.
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  2. Mark Emerson Trentham

    Mark Emerson Trentham Well Known Member. Staff Member

    NSC110/ ET2.
    Yep,expecting too much especially hav- ing bigger rides about,ridden a few myself -coming straight off japanese/european peds deffo had a few WTF thoughts :).,
    chinese peds are,nt known for their build quality or smoothness- lot of cheap tuning parts,etc.about/mind,
    Sounds like you,ve gotta bit of meat on your bones :), - ,bout 12 stone myself,riding a 50 (apart from .....ET2;) - i'd be dying a slow painful death,the lack of speed and responsiveness would damn near make me suicidal:):):).
    try a 110 or 125 reckon they' d be waaaaay better.
  3. Daniel Be

    Daniel Be New Member

    Thanks @Mark Emerson Trentham

    I hear you... :rolleyes:

    As it's for my stick man 16yr old he may well have a better riding experience....didn't think of that!

    He only needs it for 9 months to get some road craft...then he'll go to a 125...just wanted to check that all is ok with the Echo...

    Sounds like I need to list my expectations!

    Any thoughts on the engine warning light?

    Where is the OBD socket?
    Is it possible to reset the light?
  4. MARSH

    MARSH Whooooo!

    Piaggio Typhoon
    Use 5w/40 fully synthetic oil, valve clearance too tight ?, OBD socket may be under seat bucket ?
  5. Daniel Be

    Daniel Be New Member

    Thanks. I have used the book recommended 15W40.

    Under the seat bucket there is what i recognise as an ecu with a OBD plug IN it... Photo attached.

    Is that it?

    How do I now read the ECU?

    Just plug OBD into it....then what!!?
  6. Daniel Be

    Daniel Be New Member

    I have found the OBD plug....it's on top of the engine and is a white 6 pin plug.

    I have an adapter that takes this to standard OBD plug and will then plug in my normal OBD reader.

    This is the plug that's on the bike:

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