400 burgman and Gilera DNA 50/70 swap for GTS Vespa

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by gilburton, Feb 27, 2018.

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    I've had an early burgman for some time but I now find it's a bit bulky for me.
    Basically I'm looking for a 250/300 scooter that is physically smaller eg vespa GTS or similar.
    I'd consider anything requiring attention or a cat D/N damaged. I might consider a 250/300 reg as 125.There are some other scooters of that size that might fit the bill but as always money is tight lol
    To that end I would do a swap for the scooters together .
    I would value them together at app £1500.
    The Burgman is on the road and the DNA is on SORN.
    The DNA has a brand new 70cc barrel on it and an aftermarket exhaust and is derestricted.
    I have a brand new 17mm carb ready to fit along with a larger manifold. It did/does run after I fitted the new barrel and I was just waiting for some nicer weather to finish it.
    It's the later model with the large wheels and upright bars.
    The Sand coloured wheels and bars have been painted black.
    If anyone is interested I'll forward or list the details along with pics.
    The Vauxhall Tigra is no longer available.
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