2012 aprillia sr50 carburettor query

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by BND, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. BND

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    Is there anyone on the forum that is familar with the carbon on this scooter. On the carb there is an electrical solenoide. I think it's a cold start mechenism. I could possibly be wrong on that.

    I am trying to find out if this electrical component should click or make some form of a noise when the ignition key is switched on. The one on my scooter does not make any noise.

    I have taken the unit out which is screwed to the carb body via 2 screws and a "C" shaped clamp. When I put a voltage across it nothing happens.

    The scooter stars and runs but won't idle. It seems to be fuel starvation. If I restrict the air intake it tries to tick over.

    I'm just trying to confirm that if that solinoide isn't working does it affect the idle ? Also, does anyone know what this solenoide does. Is it like a choke for cold starts?

    Bike runs ok, all jets clean and fuel feed from tank is spot on

    A thanks in advance for any insight to this electrical component on the carb.

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  2. Stevep

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    It's an electric choke.
    When you start the bike, 12v is applied to it via a resistor, and it starts to extend slowly, shutting off the extra fuel supply that a "normal" choke does.
    It you apply 12v directly to it, within a few seconds the brass part should start to extend upto about 5mm max.
    If it doesn't, it's knackered.
    But you also need to check the supply feed up to it as well before condenming it to the bin.
    Cheap to replace, or change it for a manual one.
  3. BND

    BND New Member

    Thank you so much. I thought thats what it was as there is no circuit through the choke when using a multi meter.

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