2010 Piaggio Zip 50cc - help needed!

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    Piaggio Zip 2010 50
    Hi! First time posting here!

    Basically I bought the bike about 2 months and at first it ran quite well - 40+ mph on flat ground and 25-30mph uphill - it's a 2 stroke and derestricted.

    Then the issues started - bogging at full thottle, engine dying etc.

    The carb was cleaned by a family friend (I've since learnt to do it myself) and it was working again for about a day then the next morning it wouldn't start - even now about a month and a half later the only way to start it if it's been left over night is to pull the vacuum pipe from the carb and manually suck fuel into the carb then it'll start first time.

    The carb is 17.5mm with a 60 main jet (unsure about the idle)

    The engine was cleaned and rebuilt less than 2 days ago and I've decoked the exhaust and although it's running a tad better it was still bogging at full throttle then it wouldn't even go uphill unless I got off and ran with the bike - I've adjusted the idle and mixture screw on the carb and it's better but I can't get it running like it once was.

    Currently the idle screw is roughly 3 1/2 turns out and the mixture is just under 1 turn out.

    I've got it idleing at the lowest revs possible without the engine cutting out - like it was when I bought it - but lack of acceleration and bogging after 1/2 throttle is still a problem.

    any suggestions on what I could do to resolve the issues as I need the bike for work and at the moment it's simply too slow to safely drive where I live.

    Thanks for reading and any help will really be appreciated!

    please excuse any mistakes in terminology - up until about a month ago I didn't even know what a carb was so I'm still learning!

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