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Whooooo!, Male

You need to cut the steering stem, replace with an old typhoon stem, Runner forks are just as bad as typhoon ! Apr 17, 2019

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Jul 12, 2024 at 6:50 PM
    1. Doktor1345
      Good afternoon,
      I saw that you wrote about assembling 183cc, I also assemble Gilera 180 on a 55 mm wheel, what happens if I put gaskets + 1.5
      Exhaust 180 degrees
      gear 130

      purge 51 degrees

      these figures are sad, please tell me how did you do it, did you enlarge the windows?
    2. Yaron
      Hello, do you have any experience with putting a Liquid cooled 125/180 engine on a typhoon frame? can u send me a message ? maybe add me on a social to have a better contact?
    3. Anthony Thompson
      Anthony Thompson
      Hi marsh ive a problem i hope you can help me with ive got a 125 rolling nut typhoon engine and somebody has cut the brake pin on the right not the side with brake arm desperatly need to either remove it or sort it so can use drum brake again any help would be appriciated mate thanks
      1. MARSH
        Hi, you'll need to drill it out and make a new pin and press it in. A good machine shop will be able to drill it out, it needs to be done right first time.
        Dec 6, 2020
      2. Anthony Thompson
        Anthony Thompson
        Thanks for your help marsh really appriciate it pal gunna ring wilkinson racing in the morning and see if they can tackle it
        Dec 8, 2020
      3. MARSH
        Any local engineering shop will sort it out !
        Dec 8, 2020
    4. Melling
      Alright mon is it right that a 122 rotary engine will/can fit in a ludix just upgraded to a cruiser and looking at some options for my ludix ?
    5. jusspb
      Hello Marsh! You as an expert! I am running a 172cc typhoon with a standard exhaust. There are so many different opinions one half say any exhaust fit and other half that most of the exhausts don’t fit bcz of the AC cowl.
      If i buy a PM59 meant for a runner. Does it fit or what is needed to make it fit?
      Any other great suggestions on a pipe?

    6. yelks
      Hii marks, where u place the riator for the LC engine with a typhoon?
      1. MARSH
        There isn't many places to fit a rad on a typhoon, I used a MX bike rad on my typhoon, fitted it on the inner leg shield with holes cut in the front panel and inner legsheid panel ! Others have fitted a runner rad behind the front wheel but you have to leave the belly panel off and to me look's shite.
        Sep 6, 2019
      2. yelks
        Do u have photos? Maybe an instagram to chat or some. Mine is @jello.jpg

        Im building a 180 typhoon to
        Sep 7, 2019
    7. Dale Modhvadia
      Dale Modhvadia
      Hello marsh,

      I have recently bought a GILERA Runner 2000 125 2t LC DD with a ngf 172 kit red torque spring, Polini variator with 15g rollers, 25mm dellorto carb and after market air filter. I recently changed the original pipe to a malossi pipe and I have upjetted it from a 100 to a 103 but it is still slow of start from 30+mph the power is wicked but really lagging on take off?
    8. JonathanW
      Hi Marsh. Re your gearbox request and typhoon parts requests, does a whole typhoon 125 fit? Mine is for sale on eBay just now, and might be worth a look. Jonathan
      1. MARSH
        Hi, I;ll have a look for it, I 'm alway's looking for another project ! cheers.
        Jul 16, 2019
    9. yelks
      heel my man,

      another question. Do u have more photo's of ur LC typhoon? I want to build one but can u send a photo of the front with the radiator?
      1. MARSH
        I used a radiator off a Moto cross bike and mounted it on the lefthand side of the inner legshield, that's why it had a big hole in the front panel for air flow ! It worked fine.
        May 7, 2019
    10. MARSH
      You need to cut the steering stem, replace with an old typhoon stem, Runner forks are just as bad as typhoon !
    11. yelks
      Hi my man, |

      can we talk somewhere private. Like on messenger of something or Instagram. Got a few questions.

      Lemme know
      1. MARSH
        Hi, this is private enough, what's your problem?
        Apr 15, 2019
      2. yelks
        I got a typhoon, I want a runner fork in it. the fork with the gold rings. But idk how to modify them, I did saw ur " tutorial " but idk didn't know how to do it exactly myself. So can u help me out or doe u still cell modify's forks?
        Apr 17, 2019
    12. Tunpacalypse
      I saw an old post where you were explaining a guy about changing the rims on a typhoon. I would like to change the rims on my own also it looks just like yours but mines is a 125cc I don't know what cc your own is. can you help me out?
      1. MARSH
        Hi, what year is your typhoon? rolling or non rolling nut engine? cheers.
        Jul 5, 2017
    13. Shugz112
      Hi marsh, any chance you got mc2 wheels for sale? If not, any forks that will fit a typhoon?
    14. Storm
      Are you selling the bike still?
    15. phill82
      Hi i cant replay back on post hm u looking and were r u have u any pics
    16. phill82
      Hm r u looking for nrg and wats up with it
      1. MARSH
        I'm looking for panels for my own nrg, this nrg that's coming is an mot failure (forks) .
        Mar 2, 2015
    17. jburn
      hello, i would like to buy a full mounted runner with twin cylinder, no matter the price, thanks.
    18. tanveer
      take it that runner 183 is no longer for sale?
    19. tanveer
      anyone able to pm me a contact number for marsh? really want to buy that runner hes got for sale...
    20. gemini
      Hi mate dont no how to @ u in a post. Would you have any pictures on the correct typh engine mount for the zip conversion thanks
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